Treatment of pink eye

Pink eye is also called as conjunctivitis, a condition that comes under common eye problems. Pink eye can be defined as the inflammation of the conjunctive membrane of the eyes. The condition is caused by allergy, bacteria or virus and is generally not serious and can be quickly treated. This is thought to be one of the most contagious diseases that can spread very easily via hand contact or sharing things such as makeup materials, towel, bedspread and contact lens. The infection spreads too quickly among children who rub their eyes and they also pass this condition another child.

The best method to prevent pink eye is by keeping hygiene conditions such as washing the hands regularly and not to touch the eyes frequently. If there is already the pink eye, it is very important to avoid rubbing or touching the eyes. The hands are to be thoroughly washed using disinfectants. It is better to discard any eye cosmetic products used during the condition (particularly mascara), changing the washcloth and towel regularly, and changing the pillow cover often to avoid recurrence of the disease.
Pink eye is generally not \serious; however, it annoys the sufferer a lot. There are many ways to treat such condition, here are some important points of treatment of pink eye:-

• Do not wear contact lenses
• Place a warm (or cold for allergic conjunctivitis) compress onto the eyes
• Wash the face and affected eyelid with a herbal solution to clean irritating substances
• Place a cool, moistened chamomile teabag onto closed eyes for about 15 minutes
• Never rub the eyes that can cause deeper infection
In some of the cases, treatment for pink eye includes antibiotic drops and pills to be continued for specific period of 5-7 days.


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