Treatments for Hair Loss – Natural Cure, Medical & Surgical Options

The normal cycle of hair growth ends every 2 to 6 years. Each hair will grow approximately one centimeter (very less than ½ an inch) a month during this stage. It is now known fact that about 90 per cent of the hair on the scalp are growing at any given time. Rest of the hair (approximately 10%) of the hair on the scalp, at any given time, is enjoying their resting stage.

After a couple of months, the resting hair falls out being replaced by new hair that begins to grow in their places. Hormonal problems might produce hair loss. If the thyroid gland is overactive or under-active, the hair might fall out. This hair loss generally can be helped by restoring thyroid function.

Hair loss might happen if man or woman’s hormones, known as androgens and estrogens, get out of their functions. Correcting the hormonal imbalance can help stopping the hair loss. Many women observe hair loss about three months after they have had delivered their baby. This loss is also due to certain hormonal changes. During pregnancy, elevated levels of certain hormones enable the body to retain hair that would generally have fallen out. When the hormones get back to pre-pregnancy levels, the hair falls out and get back to its normal cycle of growth and loss one more time.

Treatments for hair loss include surgical, natural and medical cure. There are some surgical procedures such as skin grafting, hair transplant etc. Cosmetic solution is to wear wigs which are easy to maintain and also to handle. However, there are natural treatments that boom nowadays. Natural therapies such as Zyx Hair Solution have been tried by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Such products have potential herbs that help strengthening the hair roots and also to make hair stronger and non-brittle.

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