Types of Massage Rollers

Kneading not only helps in releasing stress but also fights muscle cramps and headaches. The process also eases back pain and increases blood circulation. Massaging also is capable of flushing out toxic materials from the body and makes the skin glow with health. Irregularities in the circulation of body fluids such as lymph also get eradicated by kneading. Thus there is absolutely no doubt that a proper massage enhances the general aura of an individual.

With the advent of massage rollers, no longer do you have to fix a spa appointment to get kneaded. Why to waste your time waiting for masseurs to turn up? Kneading rollers are always at your service, ready to be applied at which ever body parts at what ever time. Massage rollers are specifically designed to be applied on face, neck, shoulders, back and feet. Manual Massage rollers are extremely handy and do not require any additional accessories such as batteries and electric charger.

The Omni massage roller is the most popular type of the lot. It consists of a directional massage ball and also has a handle which makes it easy to be held. With the device you can easily massage your neck, lower back and forehead. These are widely used by people who get constant headaches. By applying required pressure, the ball should be gently rolled over the affected area. The massage should last for nearly twenty minutes. The device loosens the muscle tissues and makes the ligaments relaxed. As a result of kneading, blood circulation to the affected spot increases and the pain gets eliminated.

Knuckle baller sports massager is a smaller device that can be comfortably carried to offices, theatres and parks. It will easily fit in your hand near the knuckles. The mini device has four massage balls in four different directions. These balls ensure relief four times faster. Full body massage rollers are also available.


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