Unusual Baby Names

Nowadays parents tend to favor the unusual baby names. More and more parents choose unheard of foreign names, old mythical and legendary names as well as made up names.

Unusual Baby Names with A:

Abacus, Acacia, Acheron, Adeona, Adicia, Affinity, Akia, Amaryllis, Ambrosia, Amiable, Anchor, Andromeda, Anemone, Angelilia, Angora, Answer, Anu, Aphrodite, Appolo, Arbor, Arcadia, Archer, Aria, Arion, Armor, Artemis, Arrow, Ash, Athena, Atiyana, Atlantis, Auburn, Aura, Aurora, Auster, Avalanche, Avalon, Axiom, Azazia

Unusual Baby Names with B:

Bay, Baylyn, Beech, Bellona, Benevolent, Bettina, Beyonce, Bia, Birch, Blade, Blaze, Bliss, Blithe, Blue, Botany, Boundary, Boxer, Braelyn, Branch, Bridge, Brigit Brown, Burr

Unusual Baby Names with C:

Cadence, Cadmus, Calico, Calliope, Calypso, Calyx, Cameo, Camera, Camisha, Canoe, Cantata, Canyon, Caraway, Carya, Carnelian, Cascade, Cashmere, Cassia, Castalia, Castle, Catalpa, Catcher, Cayenne, Cedar, CeeJay, Ceres, Chamomile, Chance, Chavonne, Chinyere, Ciliza, Cinnamon, Citron, Clarity, Clio, Cloud, Cobalt, Columbine, Comet, Comfort, Confidence, Contemplate, Coralee, Corona, Crimson, Cytherea

Unusual Baby Names with D:

Damario, Damia, Danu, Danua, Damonica, Dance, Dancer, Darana, Darilynn, Dashawna, Davonte, Dawan, Dedicate, Deinara, Democracy, Demontay, Dewayne, Diamond, Diplomacy, Discovery, Diversity, Doneshia, Drakanea, Dragon, Dream

Names with E:

Eccentricity, Echo, Eden, Edesia, Electria, Elegant, Eleven, Elm, Endeavor, Enodia, Epona, Erzulie, Essential, Eternity, Ethereal, Eudora, Eurydice, Euthenia, Even, Ever, Explorer

Names with F:

Fable, Fantasy, Fascination, Fast, Fauna, Favorite, Fennel, Feronia, Festival, Field, Fielder, Finch, Five, Flame, Flint, Flower, Forest, Forever, Forsythia, Fortuna, Forward, Fox, Foxania, Free, Freedom, Freesia, Friend, Frost, Fury, Future

Names with G:

Gage, Gaia, Galaxy, Gallant, Gardener, Generous, Gentle, Gillus, Glade, Glass, Glimmer, Graceanne, Granite, Gravity, Green, Grove, Guardian, Guide, Gulana

Names with H:

Hades, Halia, Halcyon, Harbor, Harmony, Hapi, Heaven, Hemera, Hera, Hermes, Hermetta, Himalia, Hoby, Holiday, Horizon

Names with I:

Imagine, Inari, Indigo, Infinity, Inspiration, Ishtar, Isis, Izanami

Names with J:

Jamari, Jandira, Jaquelle, Jarah, Jewel, Jezanna, Julana, Juno, Jupiter, Justice

Names with K:

Kali, Katrita, Kayleigh-Ann, Keever, Keneisha, Keveen, Keyiri, King, Kismet, Kiss, Kohara

Names with L:

Lake, Lalita, Lanien, Laquan, Lasya, Larenta, Latona, Lark, Leaf, Legend, Levannah, Liberty, Lilac, Liliai, Lively, Love, Lovelia, Lucetia, Lyric

Names with M:

Mahogany, Makayla, Maia, Maleaka, Mali, Marcoe, Meadow, Memory, Mercury, Merlin, Merlina, Meteor, Mialyn, Mica, Mikki, Mimosa, Min, Minerva, Miracle, Muse, Myeisha, Mystery

Names with N:

Nanna, Nakeisha, Navigator, Nefertiti, Nehellenia, Nirvana, North, Nuesha, Nunu, Nurelia

Names with O:

Oak, Oberon, Ocean, Odin, Opera, Orion, Osiris, Ostara, Osment

Names with P:

Pace, Painter, Palace, Paradise, Peace, Phoebe, Phoenix, Pike, Pilot, Pine, Pleasant, Power, Prairie, Precious, Promise, Prosper

Names with Q:

Quantiko, Quarry, Quianna, Quintessence

Names with R:

Racer, Rameses, Rain, Ranger, Red, Remember, Remus, Reshawn, Rhea, Rhiannon, Rhythm, River, Romulus, Ronto, Rule, Rush

Names with S:

Safari, Sage, Sailor, Sarama, Satine, Scout, Secret, Selene, Sequana, Serendipity, Serenity, Sesame, Seven, Shade, Shaquan, Shatrina, Shawntika, Silver, Simplicity, Sincerity, Singor, Sirius, Sky, Skylar, Slate, Snow, Sonnet, Spirit, Spruce, Star, Steel, Sterling, Stone, Storm, Story, Surya

Names with T:

Taffeta, Taheesha, Tamarind, Tanith, Tarragon, Teal, Temperance, Tender, Theatre, Thor, Thunder, Timber, Titania, Traveler, Trinity

Names with U:

Ufynya, Undina, Urania, Ursa

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