Vegan diet during pregnancy

Pregnant and vegetarian? You are sure to wonder whether your eating habits will provide enough nutrients to the baby within. It is absolutely safe to continue with your vegan diet provided you increase the intake of vegetable salads and fruit extracts.Supply your baby with Vitamin E. If possible, take fish oil capsules as well.

Protein, an essential ingredient for the proper growth of your foetus will be provided by lentils. Beans and legumes are also rich in protein. Milk and yogurt are yet other food materials that should be made part of your daily diet. Say ‘NO’ to butter and cheese for your baby’s sake. It is a positive step to increase your brown rice intake to four cups a day.

Fish and meat supply vitamin B12, zinc, and iron in abundant quantities. Since vegans are deprived of it, they should take care to substitute them with right alternatives. Pre-natal vitamin and mineral supplements will do the job for you. A major problem with vegan diet is that it is low in calories. A low calorie diet will force the body to use up protein, which is reserved for energy production. Thus there will be a drastic cut in protein that is made available to the mother and her baby. You can compensate for the decreased calories by adding olive oil, nut butters, avocados and dried fruits in your diet. Fortified non-dairy beverages such as rice milk, orange juice, etc together with dark green leafy vegetables will meet your calcium requirements.

Pregnant vegetarian moms should keep away from their habit of being choosy with foodstuffs. They should some how ensure that all the required nutrients reach their body in one form or other. This is because all the essential nutrients that their body require should be supplied from the plant kingdom alone. It is wise to take multi-vitamin supplements daily in order to make up for any deficiency in vitamin intake.


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