Vegetarian Dieting during Pregnancy

pregnantvegetarian Vegetarian diets are packed full of nutritious fruits, vegetables, and salads.  They are good for everyone, but are especially beneficial to pregnant women.  However, before embarking on a vegetarian diet during pregnancy you should first consult with your doctor to ensure that this diet will suit not only your own needs but also those of your baby.  Your doctor will get a history of your normal food intake and your routine exercise habits, before deciding which dietary plan is best for you.

Always discuss the pros and cons of a vegetarian diet with your obstetrician throughout your pregnancy.  Throughout the pregnancy, be sure to get plenty of exercise and drink lots of water.

Helpful advice for following a vegetarian diet during pregnancy
Once your doctor clears you for this diet, there are several matters you should note.  Fish oil and vitamin E supplements can help your own health and that of your baby.  Be sure to get your required protein from various sources, such as lentils that have been soaked for several hours.

Eat two servings of yogurt or drink two cups of milk each day.  Reduce your intake of oil, butter, and cheese because they are high in fat and calories.  Include plenty of chappatis and vegetables in your diet.  Be sure to eat four to five servings of fruit each day.  Reduce your bread intake.

Carefully monitor your blood glucose levels several times a day to avoid problems.  High blood glucose levels could lead to mothers giving birth to overweight babies.  Ask your doctor to perform an ultrasound in the seventh month of pregnancy, as well as towards the very end, to ensure that the baby is not too large and that diabetes has not developed.

If your blood glucose levels do climb too high, be sure to consult a doctor and determine whether you need professional hospital care.

Vegetarian diets can be very healthy for you and your baby as long as you make sure you are getting all of the foods, vitamins, and minerals your doctor recommends.  You should consider consulting a dietician if you are considering a vegetarian diet to ensure that you get the proper balance of the necessary food groups.

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