Vitamins for Alcoholics

The powerful antioxidants Vitamin C and Vitamin E inhibit free-radical damage caused by excessive alcohol consumption, they are therefore integral to the treatment of Alcoholsim.

Alcohol promotes the excretion of essential nutrients, including Magnesium and Vitamin A. Zinc is one of the key nutrients involved in the breakdown of alcohol. All active alcoholics display signs of injury to the liver and hence Vitamins for alcoholics are important.

Milk Thistle Extract is thought to be important in the treatment of Alcoholism as it helps maintain healthy liver function along with Vitamins for alcoholics. L-Carnitine may inhibit the alcohol-induced condition, fatty liver. Lactobacillus acidophilus helps correct gut flora ratios that may be altered by alcohol consumption. L-Glutamine supplementation (1 gram per day) has been shown to reduce voluntary alcohol consumption.

Alcohol consumption often results in reactive hypoglycemia, which aggravates mental and emotional problems. Consequently 5-HTP is included in the treatment of Alcoholism as it is a precursor to the neurotransmitter serotonin.

Then along came a heavy drinker for whom psychiatry and group therapy had done no good. No physician, Biochemist Williams suggested that he be treated with massive doses of 15 vitamins—A, C, D and E, and eleven of the B complex are considered to be important Vitamins for alcoholics. The patient shunned alcohol for a while. Many experts thought that the patient should remain a total abstainer. The patient went them one better. He showed that he could drink two or three bottles of beer, then quit. Buy Vitamin C Supplements here

“This individual,” say experts, “probably constitutes the first case on record in which an alcoholic has become a moderate drinker.” There were others among the few alcoholics treated with vitamins by the time experts have written in the books. Since then, doctors at many places have tested the method with 85 alcoholics, giving some of them dummy capsules to rule out the psychological factor, and report at least one-third better results in the vitamin-treated cases and then it is evaluated that Vitamins for alcoholics are necessary. Buy Vitamin E Supplements here

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