Vitamins for Bad Breath

Calling bad breath by it’s less derogatory and scientific moniker of halitosis does not necessarily take away the unpleasantness associated with it, and definitely does not remove, the foul odor that wafts forth from the mouths of people, whose misfortune it is to be affected by the condition.

Most cases of bad breath are temporary conditions, that have the simplest causes and are usually linked to common habits and vices like: smoking and the intake of nicotine in all forms, the consumption of alcohol, and the culinary use and consumption of foodstuffs associated with strong and lingering odors, common examples are: garlic, onions, anchovies to name but a few but finally one requires vitamins for bad breath

All of the cases cited above have a temporary presence and are easily removed by brushing one’s teeth, or rinsing the mouth thoroughly and by finding herbal or herb based remedies, but in certain cases the condition assumes an unwanted permanency: that is, it becomes chronic, and such cases usually involve an underlying medical basis and cannot be tackled without a medical examination.

Vitamin C is an obvious choice: we’ve known for hundreds of years that people who don’t eat fruits and vegetables get scurvy, a disease easily recognized by the destruction of the gums. Vitamin C is one of the potential vitamins for bad breath and the nutrient that people with scurvy lack, and the destructive effect on the oral tissues sets up perfect conditions for the proliferation of odor causing bacteria. Even today, many people don’t get enough Vitamin C. It could be that, for some people, this Vitamin C deficiency is the link between nutrition and bad breath. Buy Vitamin C Supplements here

Another obvious nutrient to go with vitamins for bad breath is the mineral zinc. The relationship between zinc and halitosis is so well established that many of the best mouthwashes and other oral care products for bad breath already contain this mineral. Zinc is another component apart from vitamins for bad breath that plays a role in many body functions, including taste and immunity. It’s exact role in fighting the malodorous bacteria may also be complex, but there is little doubt that it does have a positive influence on nutrition and bad breath.

Other suggested vitamins for bad breath include vitamins E and D, and the B vitamin complex, and the mineral calcium. All of these vitamins and minerals play a well established role in human health, and many people already take them or ensure that there are adequate sources in the diet. Not surprisingly, the vitamin and mineral supplements aimed at bad breath are very similar to ordinary multivitamin and mineral supplements. Supplements linking immune status, nutrition and bad breath may contain herbal extracts typical of immunity boosters advocated by natural healing specialists. Whether or not these products provide the key to beating halitosis remains to be seen, but its doubtful that taking vitamins for bad breath will do any harm. To be safe, before taking any dietary supplement on a regular basis, discuss your concerns with your doctor. Buy Vitamin E Supplements here

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