Vitamins for Eyes

Taking vitamins for eyes can help our eyes stay healthy for a longer period of time. Vitamins for the eyes can also help prevent many diseases.

Although we can obtain all the vitamins and minerals we need by eating certain foods, it is nearly impossible in the fast food controlled times to get a healthy meal with all the vitamins and minerals. That is where eye vitamins come in.

Eye sight vitamins can be bought without a prescription unless it is a high dosage for certain people who have AMD and require an extra dosage. Over the counter vitamins are usually not expensive and provide most or all of the vitamins and nutrients listed on our eye nutrition page. Normally dosages for vitamins for eyes range from 1 to 4 pills a day but these will vary with the amounts of vitamins and minerals in each pill. It is also good to note that although these vitamins and minerals are good for us, a moderate amount is all we need because taking too much of them can be dangerous. The National Eye Institutes research on AREDs, a specific dosage of certain, vitamins and minerals daily, has been found preventive against AMD. To learn more visit the National Eye Institute website.

Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant vitamin and one of the important vitamins for eyes.
Latest studies reveal that vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, can diminish the threat of cataracts, glaucoma and AMD. Vitamin C is present in all cells of the body, but is highly concentrated in the lens of the eye. The body also needs Vitamin C at the point where the muscles that cause eye movement connect with the sclera, or the white portion of the eye. Citrus fruits, berries, potatoes and green, leafy vegetables are rich in Vitamin C. Buy Vitamin C Supplements here

Vitamin E can also be one of the vitamins for eyes and be amassed in the body’s fat tissues and can aid in averting cataracts and AMD. Crucial sources of vitamin E consist of nuts, seeds, grains, green leafy vegetables and vegetable oil.

Beta-carotene- the two major carotenoid antioxidants that are helpful in preventing AMD are lutein and zeaxanthin. As the body is unable to yield either substance, they must be attained with the help of diet. They are present predominantly in leafy, green vegetables for example spinach, collard greens, kale and fresh parsley, or in yellow fruits and vegetables such as corn and squash.

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