Vitamins for Fibromyalgia Patients

There are several different types of vitamins and other nutritional supplements available that may help fibromyalgia patients manage their symptoms.

vitamins for fibromyalgia patients are highly recommended that patients discuss with their physicians any intervention they’re considering. That way, patients not only become more informed as consumers, but they also can avoid possible dangerous effects of combining supplements that may interact negatively with one another.

In a double-blind trial, supplementation with acetyl-L-carnitine in the amount of 1,500 mg per day for ten weeks was significantly more effective than a placebo in improving musculoskeletal pain, depression, and general health in people with fibromyalgia. It is important to take vitamins for fibromyalgia patients since they often have low serotonin levels in their blood. Supplementation with 5-HTP may increase serotonin synthesis in these cases. Both preliminary and double-blind trials have reported that 5-HTP supplementation (100 mg three times per day) relieves some symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Some studies have found low vitamin B1 (thiamine) levels and reduced activity of some thiamine-dependent enzymes among people with fibromyalgia. The clinical significance of these findings remains unknown.

One early preliminary study described vitamins for fibromyalgia patients is favorable. The use of vitamin E supplements in the treatment of “fibrositis”—the rough equivalent of what is today called fibromyalgia. Several dozen individuals were treated with vitamin E using amounts ranging from 100–300 IU per day. The results were positive and sometimes dramatic. Double-blind trials are needed to confirm these preliminary observations.

Intravenous SAMe (S-adenosylmethionine) given to people with fibromyalgia reduced pain and depression in two double-blind trials; but no benefit was seen in a short (ten-day) trial. Oral SAMe (800 mg per day for six weeks) was tested in one double-blind trial and significant beneficial effects were seen, such as reduced pain, fatigue, and stiffness, and improved mood…

vitamin E Supplements

Vitamin E is an important anti-oxidant essential for proper immune system functioning as well as healthy skin and eyes

– Vitamin E is extremely beneficial in supporting strong immune system.
– It is also helpful in protecting your heart.
– It helps reducing the risk of death from heart related diseases.

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