Vitamins for healthy hair

Glossy hair locks, by no doubt, is a crowning glory. Good hair is something that we take for granted. It is only when we start loosing it that we realise how gifted were we. Good nutrition is essential for the healthy growth of hair in the same way it is necessary for our body’s general health. Rather than providing a variety of vitamins, it will highly beneficial if the precise vitamin for hair growth is provided in adequate amounts. However, you need to be patient enough to wait for three months for the results to be evident. In case of health concerns, doctor should be consulted before initiating a vitamin program. Research has shown that external factors such as stress, extreme sun, cigarette smoke, alcohol and even lack of proper rest can lead to an unhealthy hair pattern.

A single follicle present on the human scalp produces roughly 0.35 millimetres of hair shaft per day. Follicles get removed and created in a periodical manner and it is this structure that makes our hair longer and healthier. The raw materials that enhance its growth are vitamins, minerals and amino acids. That is how an additional vitamin intake turns out to be highly beneficial to the hair. Thus we can overcome vitamin deficiency that might creep into our daily diet. Adequate quantity of vitamins and minerals should reach the cells of the follicles in order to meet its metabolic requirements. Poor eating habits, including the fast food culture that we have developed will affect our hair growth adversely. Beautiful hair demands adequate supply of essential vitamins.

The nutritional intake however should be balanced. Under-active thyroid makes hair brittle where as overactive thyroid makes it greasy. Each vitamin plays a definite role in stimulating hair growth. Healthy production of sebum is ensured by Vitamin A. Meat, milk, spinach, broccoli, carrots, fish liver oil and peaches are rich in this antioxidant. Vitamin C found in fruits and green vegetables helps in maintaining hair health. Blood circulation in scalp is extremely important for hair growth. Soybeans, dried beans and leafy vegetables contain Vitamin E that enhances scalp circulation. Keratin produced by Biotin checks greying. Inositol keeps hair follicles healthy from the roots. Vitamins B5, B6 and B12 prevents hair loss.

Hair health is directly related to general body health. A healthy-haired head will be found only above the neck of a robust person.


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