Vitamins for Immune System

First of all, boosting the immune system may not always be a good thing, for example, in people with autoimmune diseases or diseases with an autoimmune component such as rheumatoid arthritis, hyperthyroidism, and several other diseases.

In those people, an overactive immune system may make the disease worse. Secondly, most of the herbs or vitamins for immune system or supplements that have shown to “boost the immune system” have been studied mainly in laboratory studies or animal studies. Whether they do the same thing in humans is still being investigated.

So at this point, we cannot really say there is a best herb or supplement that boosts the immune system. However, there are other things that people can do to foster a healthy and strong immune system, such as make sure they are not malnourished. But there are some essential vitamins for immune system that help boosting it named below –

Some essential vitamins for immune system

Vitamin A: This is one of the vitamins for immune system since this vitamin enhances resistance to infection by increasing phagocytic cell migration and lymphocyte proliferation. It also enhances responsiveness to antigenic stimuli. Deficiencies have been shown to decrease lymphocyte activation, lower lysozyme and complement levels (both important chemicals of the immune system), impair secretory IgA production (especially important in the intestinal tract) and decrease T-cell dependent antibody responses. Due to possible liver complications, vitamin A supplementation is not usually recommended.

Beta-Carotene: Beta-carotene appears to selectively increase T-4 cells, reacts with free radicals and free oxygen to help prevent genetic and cell wall damage, increases tumor necrosis factor, and increases activity of macrophage and natural killer (NK) cells. This changes into vitamin A as the body requires it.

Vitamin B complex: They are group of vitamins for immune system. Vitamin B2: Deficiency results in decreased ability to produce antibodies. This vitamin may be depleted by certain drugs. Vitamin B5: Deficiency results in atrophy and loss of function of thymus gland.

Vitamin B6: Deficiency inhibits cell-mediated immune functions and antibody production, atrophy of spleen and thymus. Folic Acid: Deficiency impairs lymphocyte function and decreases antibody production. Vitamin B12: B12 is required for proper lymphocyte function and the production of DNA and amino acids (protein).

Vitamin C: Blood levels of at least 25 mcg/ml have been shown to decease HIV activity as measured by P24 levels, syncytial formation and reverse transcriptase levels. Supplementation has been shown to increase antibody and complement levels in humans, increase the speed of phagocyte motility and influence interferon production. It is required by the thymus gland for production of T-lymphocytes.

Vitamin E: This vitamin increases resistance to infection, increases antibody levels, stimulates B-lymphocytes and promotes T-4 activity and protects vitamins A, C and B-complex from destruction. It is a free radical scavenger and will protect all cell membranes and genetic material from damage from free radicals. Buy Vitamin E Supplements here

Boost Immune System Supplements

– Assist recovery and convalescence from illness
– Boost energy when feeling run-down and listless
– Attain optimal immune functioning to fight against disease.
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Vitamin C Supplements

– Vitamin C is one of the most essential antioxidant that is necessary to carry out over 300 metabolic functions in the body.
– Vitamin C helps in evading the symptoms of asthma, protects against harmful effects of pollution and enhances the immune system.

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