Vitamins for Senior Women

Contrary to popular belief, the best anti aging pill or vitamins for senior women and men you can buy is called vitamin supplements. Most health experts out there have highlighted the fact that the most effective way to lengthen life stands in taking the right quantities of daily vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

It has been proven that death rates of people over 40 are higher for those that do not take their daily vitamin supplements.

To put it simple, if vitamin intake is increased mortality rates drop and vitamins are highly important to aid the body in avoiding heart disease while also prolonging life.

Vitamins for Senior Women are as important as medicine so you do need to be careful when taking them. You will rarely notice and problems from excessive intake although when talking about vitamins for senior women, there are some high doses of some vitamins that can cause problems that are liver, heart or kidney related, just to mention some of them. As women get older signs of aging will stop the creation of new cells at the regular rate so the body will be more vulnerable to diseases.

Some vitamins for senior women will make sure that this does not happen and if you are not aware of a lot of information on this topic we recommend that you consult a specialist nutritionist or search the Internet for as much information as you can get. One example can be given in the lost of production rate of elastin and collagen in skin, making wrinkles more likely to appear. This is where vitamin C, one powerful antioxidant, can help the woman’s body in producing more elastin and collagen, thus maintaining the strength and elasticity of the skin. Buy Vitamin C Supplements here

Vitamin D

Many elderly people are at risk of vitamin D deficiency. Some do not drink milk, and many do not eat fatty fish like herring, salmon and mackerel. Several eat less as well. In addition, many elderly people do not get out and about much, so the vitamin D production is not stimulated by the sunlight. Finally, as we get older our ability to absorb vitamin D from the digestive tract decreases, as does our ability to activate the vitamin in the liver and kidneys. This means that many Vitamins for Senior Women can benefit from a daily supplement of vitamin D at a dose of 10 micrograms.


Iron deficiency can arise in those who lose blood through stomach ulcers or hemorrhoids, have reduced gastric acid production (a condition which affects one in four people over the age of 60), or use antacids or certain other drugs. On the other hand, women no longer menstruate and this helps preserve their iron stores. The risk of iron deficiency is there, though it is most serious during illness.


Elderly women should make sure to get plenty of calcium to prevent decalcification of the bones, which occurs after menopause. If elderly women do not drink milk on a daily basis or eat plenty of foods containing calcium like beans and broccoli, daily calcium supplements of 750-1,000 mg are recommended divided into several daily doses. Osteoporosis is also a male problem, but it occurs 10-20 years later than in women. Still, men should also make sure they get enough calcium.


Elderly people who are beginning to experience heart problems may benefit from magnesium supplements. Many elderly have a shortfall of the recommended daily amount. Magnesium supplements are particularly important for people treated with diuretic medication against an elevated blood pressure or other diseases.

Amla Vitamin C Supplements

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Calcium Liquid Supplements

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