Vitamins for the Body

Vitamins are an essential nutrient, which means that it is necessary to eat them to live and be healthy. In fact, the word vitamin comes from the Latin word for life, which is “vita.” Vitamins are part of important processes throughout the body.

For example, vitamins help release energy from food, help keep skin and nerves healthy, and help make red blood cells.

The body needs more than a dozen different vitamins to remain healthy. Vitamins are all different from each other, and one vitamin cannot substitute for another in the body. Some vitamins for the body have several different closely related forms that occur naturally in food. Because vitamins can have various forms, there may see several different names for the same vitamin. This can be confusing when trying to choose a healthful diet. Look at the vitamin table at the end of this fact sheet to help recognize different names for vitamins. This table also will help explain the functions and good sources of each vitamin.

Vitamin A

This vitamin is fat soluble and can be found in yellow and orange vegetables and fruits. Other foods that contain this vitamin are tomatoes and green vegetable foods, eggs, liver, kidneys, full fat dairy products, fish liver oils, apricots and peaches. Such types of vitamins for the body are beneficial for healthy vision and skin, mucous membranes and keeping a healthy resistance to infections. It is sometimes used to treat Acne problems.

Vitamin B

B vitamins for the body have a wide range of properties, including:-

B1 (thiamine) – needed for release of energy from carbohydrates; aids in functioning of nervous system; helps maintain stomach acidity and normal appetite.

B2 (riboflavin) – needed for converting proteins, fats and carbohydrates into energy; necessary for healthy skin and eyes.

B3 (niacin) – needed for release of energy from food; maintains health of skin, mouth and digestive tract; necessary for normal mental function; can increase circulation and reduce high blood pressure.

B5 (pantothenic acid) – needed for release of energy from food; helps in the functioning of the adrenal gland and in the formation of antibodies.

B6 (pyridoxine) – needed for metabolism of protein, hence requirements related to protein intake; helps to maintain fluid balance, a requirement for healthy red blood cells.

B12 – needed for red blood cell production and maintenance of protective sheath around nerves.

Folic acid – Essential for growth and reproduction of cells, particularly red blood cells.
Biotin – involved in carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism. Required for healthy skin and hair.

VITAMIN C (Ascorbic Acid)

IMPORTANCE: Essential for healthy teeth, gums & Bones; helps heal wounds, scar tissue, & Fractures; prevents scurvy; builds resistance to infection; aids in the prevention & common cold treatments; gives strength to blood vessels; aids in the absorption of iron. It is required for the synthesis of collagen, the intercellular “cement” which holds tissues together. It is also one of the major antioxidant nutrients. Such vitamins for the body can prevent the conversion of nitrates (from tobacco smoke, smog, bacon, lunch meats, & some vegetables) into cancer-causing substances. According to Dr. Lines Pauling, the foremost authority on Vitamin C, Vitamin C will decrease the risk of getting certain cancers by 75%. Buy Vitamin C Supplements here

DEFICIENCY SYMPTOMS: May lead to soft & bleeding gums, swollen or painful joints, slow-healing wounds & fractures, bruising, nosebleeds, tooth decay, loss of appetite, muscular weakness, skin hemorrhages, capillary weakness, anemia, impaired digestion.


IMPORTANCE: Improves absorption and utilization of Calcium and Phosphorous; required for bone and teeth formation; maintains a stable nervous system and normal heart action.

such lacking of vitamins for the body May lead to rickets, tooth decay, softening of bones, improper healing of fractures, lack of vigor, muscular weakness, inadequate absorption of calcium, retention of phosphorous in the kidneys.


IMPORTANCE: Major anti-oxidant nutrient; retards cellular aging due to oxidation; supplies oxygen to the blood which is then carried to the heart and other organs; thus alleviating fatigue; aids in bringing nourishment to cells; strengthens the capillary walls & prevents the red blood cells from destructive poisons; prevents & dissolves blood clots; has also been used by doctors in helping prevent sterility, muscular dystrophy, calcium deposits in blood walls and heart conditions. Buy Vitamin E Supplements here

DEFICIENCY SYMPTOMS: such lacking of vitamins for the body may lead to a rupture of red blood cells, loss of reproductive powers, lack of sexual vitality, abnormal fat deposits in muscles, degenerative changes in the changes in the heart and other muscles; dry skin.

SPECIAL NOTE: There are several types of Vitamin E available. D-Alpha Tocopherol (100% Natural) is 4 times more potent in biological activity than d1-Alpha Tocopherol (Synthetic) Vitamin E. For example; 100 I.U. of d-Alpha (100% Natural) Vitamin E is equal to 400 I.U. d1-Alpha Tocopherol (Synthetic) Vitamin E in biological activity. Natural Vitamin E is derived from soybeans and synthetic Vitamin E is a petroleum by-product.

Vitamin K

One of the vitamins for the body is last of the fat soluble vitamins and it is mainly found in kelp, seaweeds, liver, potatoes, eggs wheat germ and green leafy vegetables. The only use for this vitamin is the blood clotting benefits that it possesses.

Wheat Grass Supplements

Wheatgrass Pills is a phytonutrient, multi vitamin formula that nutritionally aids the detoxification process by cleaning and oxygenating the blood.

– Increase of hemoglobin production
– Rebuilding of the blood stream
– Purifying the blood
– Improving the body’s ability to heal wounds
– Neutralizing toxins and carcinogens in the body

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Vitamin E Supplements

– Vitamin E is extremely beneficial in supporting strong immune system.
– It is also helpful in protecting your heart.
– It helps reducing the risk of death from heart related diseases.
– Vitamin is a dominating anti-oxidant to fight free radicals thereby retarding the age related changes.

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