Waxing tips

Waxing is an excellent way to remove unwanted hair from the body and face since it leaves the skin hair free and smooth for many days at a time and one can remove the hairs from larger areas quickly as compared to other hair removing techniques. However, many people get afraid to try it since they believe that there would be potential pain during the procedure without really considering that. They have to understand that constant shavings and messy epilator hair remover lotions are not much fun either and if one has stubbly re-growing to contend within no time at all; however hair will grow back without stubble and will often get finer and thinner over the times with regular wax.

Let us now look at some of the important waxing tips:-

• Receiver should make it sure that the hairs those are to remove are long enough to wax to grip. They have to be at least 1/8th of one inch. Therefore, plan any other hair removal sessions consequently.
• If excess hairs are longer than a 1/4th inch, it turns to be more painful to pull out; hence one might want to trim them for best results if they are longer than required.
• The skin requires being cleaned and dry before beginning the wax to adhere right.
• If anyone opts for some over the counter pain killing medications an hour or so before the waxing starts at the beauty parlor or anyone starting to wax at home.
• If anyone is at home, it is better to go for some warm shower as it helps opening the pores and making hair removal simpler although some people observe that this can soften the hair too much and then turn it difficult for gripping.
• For the women, booking the first appointment at the salon or planning at home wax session for mid menstrual cycle is advisable. Pains are generally felt more intense just before or during a menses.
• A person should be sure that the wax is heated properly. One can use the machine supplied or the microwave if relevant following the directions in hair removing kit accurately. Wax is to be softer but not too runny; something like the honey.

Some of the beauty experts’ waxing tips:

• Applying the wax in a thin layer using some small spatulas in the direction of hair growing (a spatula is generally come with any home waxing kit)
• Pressing down on the wax using the cotton supplied; here, leave one end free.
• Wipe off the wax using hot damp cloth.


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