Ways to Encourage your Baby to Walk

babywalk When a new baby is born, his every activity and movement is given great emphasis to. The day your baby calls out your name or walks are seen as great days in a parent’s life. Usually, the child starts walking when he is 9 to 14 months but it varies from child to child. However, you can always encourage your child to walk and the given tips will show you how.

First of all, you need to ensure that there are no sharp things and sharp corners of sofas in your house as that can risk the child’ safety, especially when he is learning to walk.

Also, in an attempt to get your child walking faster, don’t indulge in the use of walkers as that can delay the whole process of coordination in a child and also lead to various accidental injuries. It is always a good option to make your child walk without a walker.

Often we get so excited at the thought of our child walking that we tend to buy loads of fancy shoes for him. However, making your child walk barefooted is preferred during his initial stages. If you want to buy shoes, you should ensure that they are comfortable and safe.

The best way to make your baby walk is by encouraging him. Do not underestimate the power of encouragement as it plays an extremely important role in helping a child take his first steps.

Whenever your baby attempts to walk or takes a few steps, you should applaud that. Stand in front of him and encourage him to come towards you. You can make him stand upright, hold his two hands and teach him to walk. Also, children get encouraged with incentives. Thus, you can show a favorite toy of the child to him and ask him to come towards it.

There are many ways of encouraging a child to walk and more than a responsibility, it is a moment of pride and joy for a parent to see his child take his first steps.


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