What are bad eating habits

Most of the obese lot are likely to be great snack lovers. A healthy snack or two in between the meals is absolutely fine. They help in maintaining the blood sugar level steady. But, what you snack is a major concern.

Typical snack foods such as oil-fried chips and cookies are sure to do more harm than good, as you tend to over eat them. It is always advisable to go for nutritious snacks that are satisfying. A small sandwich or whole-grain crackers with cheese, a handful of nuts, baby carrots etc will make excellent snacks.

Television plays a major role in the development of bad eating habits. Studies indicate that people who eat by watching television end up consuming more than sixty percent of what they actually need. Since the focus is not on the food in their plate, they do not realise how much food they have actually gobbled up. It is advisable to make a list of those situations that make you eat mindlessly. It is always better to make eating a conscious effort which makes you fully engaged.

Some people love eating sugar. But, increased consumption of sugary snacks is considered as a bad eating habit as it will only result in the accumulation of empty calories. Sugar and sugary victuals will supply hardly any nutrient essential for the body. Of late, added sugar has made its way into almost all the foods that we use for daily consumption including bread, cereal, and yogurt.

It is always advisable to go through the labels pasted on the cover carefully before buying them. Always go for unsweetened versions or those containing less sugar. Artificially sweetened beverages should give way to unsweetened drinks. If you simply cannot take in such drinks, buy unsweetened versions and add sugar on your own. It is better to go for dried fruits such as mangoes and tart cherries that are also unsweetened.


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