What are organic wines

Organic wines can be classified as those that come from organic grapes. Grapes meant to collect organic wine are grown without being exposed to chemical killers that are meant to guard the plants from insects and weeds.

Chemical fertilizers or fungicides also do not get added to the soil in which they are grown. More and more people are reaching out for organic wines to fill their glasses. Earlier, organic wines had a poor reputation and their taste was not much sought after by wine enthusiasts. But, slowly, the wine industry is growing out of that stigma.

However, the rules that determine the term ‘organic’ that gets labeled on bottles vary from one nation to another. Every nation has its own rules regarding what can be labeled as “organic,” and hence the set standards vary.

In countries like France and Italy, sulfites which is a preservative that stabilizes wine, will be included in wines that are labeled as “organic.” In the United States, sulfites are forbidden to be added in the wine bottles that are certified as “organic.”

Rarely, certain bottles that do not contain the label ‘organic’ actually do contain organic wine inside. Many of the American vineyards are famous for their organic mode of cultivation.

But, those farm owners are simply are unwilling to go through the laborious legal process of getting their products certified as ‘organic’. “Biodynamic” is yet another word that gets labeled o organic wine bottles. Such wine stuff is also cent percent organic. They are actually grown more in tune with nature.

If a particular wine bottle is labeled as “made with organic grapes” or “made with organic ingredients,” it indicates that the wine within contains at least seventy per cent organic ingredients. Sulfites are most likely to be added, but its measure will not go beyond 100 parts per million.

Such wines do not usually bear the USDA organic seal. “100% Organic” wine bottles are sure not to contain artificially added sulfites. But they might contain naturally occurring sulfites.

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