What are Post-Exercise foods?

Exercises not only rob you off your glycogen stores but also tear your muscles. So you need to fuel your body well after a strenuous exercise session. It is advisable to take in more of such food materials that are high in glycemic index (GI) carbs. Such a food pattern will see to it that your body muscles get back its lost glucose, as soon as possible. It is also good to supply your body with adequate amounts of protein as well. Protein will start the repairing work and will thus rebuild your muscle cells.

Timing is another important factor. Make sure that your body is supplied with food within half an hour of finishing the work-out session. This should be done even if you do not feel hungry. If your next meal immediately follows the exercise session, let that meal itself fuel you up. If you are planning to take your next meal within a couple of hours, it is better to snack on something light which provides less than two hundred calories soon after the session. Now, the question is what all snacks can be taken immediately after the exercise regimen? Fruit juice with a cheese stick, Dried fruit and nuts (you can experiment own combinations), Cottage cheese or yoghurt with fruits, Bagel (or English muffin, toast) along with cheese or peanut butter, Turkey, ham, or roast beef sandwich, Crackers with low fat cheese, Any cereal of your choice with milk, Eggs and toast, Vegetable omelette with toast, Chocolate milk etc are a few good snack options.

Your next meal should ideally consist of any lean protein such as lean beef, fish, vegetable burger, egg, chicken etc. This should be taken along with any starch food such as rice, potatoes, pasta and bread. It is wise to include green vegetables as well. Needless to mention, lots and lots of water should be drunk after a session of vigorous work-out.

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