What are the causes of dark underarms

Shy to wear those trendy sleeveless tops? Your search for a complete solution for dark underarms has taken you to the right place.

Darkened armpit relates to the condition wherein the skin assumes a darker hue as compared to the rest of the body. It is something which calls for embarrassment and awkwardness. People with dark underarms often tend to avoid wearing sleeveless clothes.

However, people with dark complexion are not much bothered about this; but it is cause of great concern for the fairer lot. Increased sweating and unclean habits are found to be the major reasons for dark underarms.

Some other factors are considered as contributors. These include friction caused by wearing tight blouses and tops,  infections resulted by  improper washing of underarms, shaving lotions, dead skin buildup, chemicals, alcohol and strong fragrance found in deodorants, hyper pigmentation etc are some of them. Constant usage of certain hair removal creams is also found to worsen the situation.

Some of the major symptoms of dark underarms include constant itching, sweating and bad body odor.

It is advisable for people suffering from these symptoms to get their blood sugar level checked. People suffering from type II diabetes are found to develop a thick black shade beneath the underarms.

Hyper pigmentation around the base of your neck is yet another characteristic symptom found in diabetic patients. The intake of androgen-based contraceptives is yet another reason. Some of you might be suffering from this disorder just as part of your genetics.

If you have developed dark shade beneath your arms as a result of dead skin accumulation, it is advisable to exfoliate with an appropriate scrub at least twice a week.

Rubbing lemon slices on your armpits is also found to be helpful in removing the black tones. Since lemon makes your skin dry, it should be ensured that the skin is later moisturized with an effective Vitamin E- based lotion. Maintaining proper hygiene is also important as stain caused by the accumulation of sweat and other impurities are harder to be removed.


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