What are the causes of poor weight gain in kids

poorweightgain1 Normally, a child triples his weight by the time he turns one year. But, some children are found to grow at a slower pace. Experts associate many causes with failure to grow at a normal rate.

Genetics is the most prominent one of such causes. If both the parents happen to be relatively thin, the child is most likely to have a thin body. In such cases, though his weight is less, his nutritional and health status will be equal to that of other kids of the same age.

A very active child is found to be thinner when compared to the inactive ones. The body buildup of certain children will be in such a way that they require more calories. A tall baby is found to require more calories than an obese baby. This is because a tall baby’s muscles are comparatively longer and hence take up more energy.

Some babies simply refuse to take in solid foods or their bodies fail to absorb enough formula. In such a case, the baby is sure to be underfed and fall short of the required weight. It is also not advisable to dilute the formula too much. Such a wrong practice will prevent the child from getting adequate nutrition.

Intentional underfeeding in order to prevent them from being obese in later life is indeed a dangerous move. Children require fat, sugar and all such food factors for their normal mental and physical development.
Frequent vomiting is yet another factor that impairs growth in kids.

In this case, it is quite normal for the baby to lose weight even if he is eating well. Diseases such as infections, chronic diarrhea, abdominal and liver diseases, metabolic disorders etc.are also associated with inappropriate weight gain. Inappropriate feeding pattern such as strict adherence to the set feeding time and over diluted formula are yet other factors that stand in the way of weight gain.


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