What Are The Common Ejaculation Problems

Ejaculation is found to have a direct influence on sexual pleasure. If a man and his partner do not mind how long it takes for him to ejaculate, then there is absolutely no need to worry over it. However, it is often found that one’s mind often plays a big role in effective ejaculation.

There are basically three different things that might go wrong during ejaculation. The common disorders related to ejaculation are termed as premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation and retrograde ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation is the most commonly found problem that affects a person’s sexual performance. Men with such a trouble want the ejaculation to occur only at a later phase so that the pleasure can be prolonged.

Delayed ejaculation also called as retarded ejaculation affects a much smaller number of men. Some less fortunate men find it impossible to reach orgasm at all, at least not with a female partner. Lots of different reasons might lead to delayed ejaculation.

Certain antidepressant medications are found to cause this problem increasingly. Men are also likely to suffer from delayed ejaculation, as they get older. For ejaculation to take place at the right time, effective and timely erection is necessary. As men get older their erection ability is likely to be lessened. In such a situation, ejaculation naturally becomes all the more difficult.

Retrograde ejaculation is yet another ejaculation problems that is found to occur the least. In this case, semen goes back to the bladder during orgasm when it is actually supposed to move out of the penis. Later, this semen gets flushed out along with urine. Diabetes, nerve irregularities, various other medications etc are found to result in retrograde ejaculation.

In some people, any surgery that has accidentally upset the sphincter muscle also might cause this disorder. However, men suffering from retrograde ejaculation will attain orgasm, though their fertility will be adversely affected.

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