What are the dietary changes that help in controlling high blood pressure?

Increased blood pressure is often considered as a ‘silent killer’. Along with right medication, making changes in what you eat also help in controlling or even preventing high blood pressure. The most prominent recommended change is minimizing the intake of sodium.

Your diet need to be a healthy one which gives prominence to the intake of fresh fruits and green vegetables. It should necessarily be low in fat level.

It is important that patients suffering from high blood pressure-related disorders keep themselves away from tobacco products and cigarette smoke. The intake of caffeinated beverages also should be minimized. Doctors often favor the consumption of fish on a regular basis.

The main source of sodium in our daily diet is salt that is added to all the different victuals. Packaged and processed food materials are found to contain more than enough amount of salt in them.

However, a minimal level of sodium is required for the smooth functioning of our body systems. But it is commonly found that most of us consume much more sodium that what is actually required.

Excessive intake of alcohol is yet another risky factor which makes a person’s blood pressure level rise considerably.

Sticking to vegetarian mode of eating also helps in reducing high blood pressure. A diet that gives prominence to green and fresh vegetables protects the body from developing high blood pressure.

Recent studies indicate that increased intake of dietary fiber is associated with decreased blood pressure level.

The recommended amount of dietary fiber for people with high blood pressure is thirty five grams per day. Many of the whole breakfast cereals are considered as excellent sources of dietary fiber.

Along with dietary alterations, one should also stick to a regular exercise pattern for lowering the blood pressure level. It is important that you should continue exercising for a longer term as sudden stoppage of the exercise regimen is likely to make your blood pressure level go up again.

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