What are the different pregnancy options

Most women consider it as their priced and privilege to give birth to babies. They want to have children. But, pregnancy is better enjoyed when a woman is ready for it. Only then will she be able to commit herself to take care of both her and her babies’ needs during the expectant months and after.

But, the unfortunate fact is that many thousands of women come face to face with unplanned pregnancies. It is estimated that almost half of the pregnancies that occur even in developed countries such as the United States are unplanned.

If you get a missed period and wake up with a vomiting tendency consecutively for a couple of weeks, you need to suspect whether you are pregnant or not. The first step to make is to take a home pregnancy test using the device available from all the drug stores. If it confirms your doubt of being pregnant, you must seek the help of an expert health care provider.

Unplanned pregnancy leaves with you with three options-abortion, adoption and parenting. It is extremely important that you discuss about the pros and cons of each of the options with your partner responsible for the pregnancy.

However, it is up to you to decide whichever option is best for you. If it is practically impossible to discuss with the responsible partner or if the talk unfortunately does not deliver any result, you should take the matter to any trusted family member or friend.

If you really feel for your child’s life, you need to take every minute chance to convince your partner regarding how important the child is in your life It is important that the person whom you shoulder should be supportive as the decision is a matter of grave concern. It is something that costs a life.

However, it is not advisable to wait for long. It should be kept in mind that, the longer it takes to decide the greater is your chance of being denied the option of abortion.


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