What Are The Killer Fats

The word ‘fatty’ is enough to make some people shun away from it. But, the fact is that, not all fatty foods make you put on weight.  It is extremely important that we understand which all fatty foods need to be avoided and which all should be included. The good fats that we take in actually help in bringing down weight.

The essential fatty acids are indeed essential to our body. These beneficial fats are sure to help us in keeping many chronic ailments at bay. However, it is also important that the killer fats are completely taken out from our daily menu.

Saturated fats top this list of harmful fats. These are those hard fats that are mostly present in red meat, animal fats, milk, butter, cheese, sour cream, and also in palm kernel.  They are semi-solid in nature when kept at room temperature.

But when consumed, these saturated fats tend to cluster together and get deposited within our arterial walls along with protein and cholesterol.  They slowly lead to many serious health hazards such as obesity, heart ailments, stroke and also cancers affecting breast and colon.
Transfat is yet another harmful fat that is mainly contributed by man-made oils.

The artificial processing and refining done on vegetable oils alters the very structure of polyunsaturated oils. It then gets converted into hard fats which human body finds difficult to use. Studies indicate that when hydrogenated, the molecules of margarine get changed to structures that are similar to plastic in constitution.

Most of the ‘easy to cook’ processed foods that are increasingly being made available in the market are loaded with trans-fat.  French fries, onion rings, almost all the oil-fried fast foods, cookies, crackers, potato chips and even ice creams contain these harmful fats in abundance.

Mental sluggishness, hormonal imbalances, decreased immunity level and cardiovascular disorders are the most possible long term consequences of the increased consumption of killer fats.


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