What are the risks of oral sex

Though shocking, it has become an accepted fact that many of the teenagers below eighteen years are engaged in relationships only for the sake of sex. They are engaging in physically intimate relationships in which both intercourse and oral sex are being practiced. Many of the teenagers do not take any preventive measure while doing oral sex.

Studies in this regard indicate that they do not consider wearing condoms as necessary during oral sex. Most of the teenagers who want to become ‘popular’ among their peers do oral sex, considering it to be a safe alternative to intercourse. But, the fact is that millions of teenagers become infected with sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV and herpes.

Oral sex is found to be extremely risky as there is increased chance of the infected semen to be passed from an infected person to his or her partner. The infected pre-ejaculate easily get into the mouth while oral sex is being performed with out the implementation of any preventive measure such as condoms. Any open sores, cold sores, etc. also serve as routes through which the infectious microorganisms such as virus or bacteria enter the bloodstream and infect the individual.

It might be true that the risk associated with oral sex infection, is comparatively lower when compared to other modes of intercourse such as anal or vaginal sex. But, there have been many instances in which HIV has been transmitted to receptive partners through oral sex. Even though, ejaculation has not taken place, the risk factor remains high.

So, it is extremely important to ensure that adequate modes of prevention are taken before engaging oneself even in oral sex. However, the safest means is to stay away from performing all modes of intercourse, including oral sex with insecure partners. It is wise to keep in mind that once infected; diseases such as AIDS are difficult to be cured completely. The golden watchword is that prevention is certainly better than cure.

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