What are the signs of heart attack

Some heart attacks are intense, with sudden aftereffects. But, in most cases heart attacks occur in a gradual manner. During the initial stages, the pain will be mild with minimal discomfort. However, waiting for further symptoms to be manifested is indeed a foolish step to make. You will have to pay dearly, if timely actions are not undertaken.

Chest discomfort is the characteristic feature of all heart attacks. In most cases, discomfort pops up around the center of the chest. The discomfort lasts for some time and disappears only to come back after a few minutes. The discomfort is said to be similar to the exertion of squeezing pressure.

A person suffering from heart attack is also likely to experience discomfort in other upper body parts. Symptoms include severe strain in one or both the arms, the back, neck, jaw and stomach.

The affected person is likely to fall short of breath. Cold sweat, nausea and lightheadedness etc also occur in some people. Compared to men, women are found to be less prone to develop these bodily symptoms. In women suffering from heart attack, chest pain is the most prominent symptom.
Even if you are not sure whether you are undergoing through heart attack related panic, it is ideal to seek medical aid.

However, even seconds do matter a lot. You should not be delayed for more than five minutes to be on your way to the hospital. Unless there is absolutely no other option left, the affected person should not drive to hospital.

Cardiac arrest strikes the patient without warning. The major symptoms of cardiac arrest include sudden loss of responsiveness and irregular breathing pattern. If the affected person suddenly does not respond to repeated tapping on the shoulders, it is likely to be an instance of cardiac arrest.

The victim also does not breathe normally when his head is tilted up. In such a case also, it is important to provide immediate medical aid to the victim.


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