What causes baby hair to fall

Babies are likely to lose their hair during the initial stages of their life. Both in babies and adults, hair strands go through two stages, namely, a growing stage and a resting phase. In case of newborns, all their hair follicles enter the resting period at the same time itself. Most mothers also face a similar problem immediately after the delivery. The fluctuating hormone levels also lead to increased hair fall.  Before birth, a high level of sex hormones is found in the fetus, courtesy of his mother. But, immediately after birth, a sudden fall occurs to this hormone level and as an after effect of this alteration, hair fall is resulted.

Bald patches on the baby’s head are also likely to be the outcome of sleeping in the same position for several hours. Since his head is brought into constant contact with the mattress, hair is likely to fall out from that particular spot. The hair that sprouts from the baby’s head after six months of birth will be different in texture from his earlier hair. In some babies, the hair changes in color as well. The thick back hair which your baby had at the time of birth might be replaced with blond hair later.

There is absolutely no need to panic on seeing this hair loss in babies. You just have to wait and let nature take its own time. However, excessive fall of hair, especially after six months of birth, should be brought under a pediatrician’s notice as it might be due to nutritional deficiency.

However, even if your baby is completely bald, there is no need to worry. In fact you should consider yourself to be lucky as it is much easier to bath the bald baby. In many cases, baby hair starts growing only after his first birthday. Hairless babies are sure to look equally cute as the haired ones. Before you even realize it, your baby will develop healthy and shiny hair.


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