What causes belching

Belching is a universal occurrence, common to all human beings. In some people it has even become a habit, so frequently practiced that others find it as an irritating menace. It is also referred to as burping.

This process expels the gas from the abdomen through the mouth. Belching normally happens when swallowed air inflates the stomach. Burping relives the discomfort caused by the distended stomach. The rapid intake of food and water, anxiety and the consumption of carbonated beverages are the most common reasons for an inflated tummy.

Infants burp frequently as the swallow in air while being bottle-fed. However, it should be remembered that excessive intake of air is not the lone reason for burping. In some people, belching is the natural response to any sort of abdominal irregularity.

Belching is not as simple an act as many people think it is. A burp actually requires the coordination of several body activities to be released out. When a person burps, his larynx, upper esophageal sphincter, lower esophageal sphincter and the diaphragm all works in a respective pattern in order to regulate the rise and fall of the air flow from the stomach to the esophagus in the chest.

If the tummy trouble is not precisely due to swallowed gas, belching is not going to provide you any relief. If you find that the discomfort does not get subsided even after letting go of two or three burps, it should be inferred that something else has gone wrong within your stomach. However, in most cases, the tummy irregularity goes off with the passage of the excessive air.

Some people are found to be capable of burping whenever they wish to do so, and not just when they experience abdominal uneasiness. Belching is not considered as a health disorder by itself. But it helps the physician in concluding the possibility of particular abdominal ailments that might have led to the discomfort.


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