What causes menstrual migraine

menstrualmigraine Migraine refers to the health irregularity which leads to headache episodes. It is often followed by vomiting and an overall sick feeling. In most women, migraines are associated with menstrual periods.

Hunger, stress and wine are some of the factors that might trigger a migraine attack. In case of migraines that appear alongside menstrual periods, the reason is found to be the fall of the level of the female hormone estrogen. The level of this hormone in blood falls down considerably just before the commencement of menstrual periods. This rapid fall of hormone from one level to another level causes migraine attack.

Menstrual migraine gets started approximately two to three days after the first day of a period. Based on the frequency and pattern of occurrence, menstrual migraines are classified into two. Pure menstrual migraine is that migraine attack which occurs only around periods. At no other time does this problem pops up. It is estimated that one in seven women suffer from this kind of migraine attack.

Menstrual-associated migraine is that type of migraine that occurs both during the period days and also during other normal days. This type of migraine attack is comparatively more common. Six out of ten women suffer from this menace.

Pregnant women also suffer from migraine attack as the level of estrogen remains constantly high. Women who are nearing menopause also face increased migraine seizures as the level of estrogen is most imbalanced during this stage. The hormone level frequently goes up and down in case of such women. However, the number of migraine attacks gets lower once menopause is attained.

Women who are taking combined contraceptive pills also get migraine attacks as they also face sudden fluctuation in the estrogen level during the pill-free week.  The treatment options available for menstrual migraine are similar to all other types of migraine. Painkillers, anti-inflammatory painkillers, anti-sickness medicines etc get prescribed as part of the medication.

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