What causes painful urination in girls

It is indeed a sad sight to see kids in pain. Causes of painful urination are many. The most common cause of painful urination in girls is some irritation in the vaginal lining. Certain soaps and laundry detergents are found to cause the irritation. Tight-fitting undergarments and improper wiping after using the toilet are some other factors.

However, painful urination can also be an outcome of more serious consequences. Urinary tract infections lead to painful urination. It is caused by an inflammation within the urinary tract. The cause is mainly bacterial in nature. Urinary tract infections can also spread to the bladder and kidneys.

In such a case, the child is likely to develop fever, stomachache, vomiting and back pain. However, a toddler might not be able to communicate that she is having pain while urinating. But, she is likely to develop fever and will naturally be less active.

If your toddler starts wetting herself after being trained to use the potty successfully, it is a probable symptom of painful urination. In case of an infection, the urine is likely to develop a bad odor. The child might also show signs of dehydration.

Diarrhea is a less likely occurrence in this case, though frequent vomiting is probable. In case of an infection, the doctor is sure to start antibiotic medication.

It is important that a child suffering from painful urination is made to drink lots of fluids. He should be made to drink maximum cups of water daily.

The genial area should be cleaned well using a baby cleanser. It is advisable to avoid bubble baths, as it makes the urinary tract more susceptible to infections. It is important to ensure that your child washes his hands well every time he uses the toilet. It should always be kept in mind that utmost maintenance of hygiene is essential in maintaining optimum genital health.


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