What causes pinworm infection

Pinworm infection is indeed one of the most common types of roundworm infection that gets reported within the United States. Like other roundworms, pinworms are also parasites that use human body as a dwelling place for reproduction. The microscopic eggs that are laid by the pinworms within our body get hatched and they mature into adults.

A fully grown pinworm will measure up to ten millimeters in length. Through out the stages of development, the pinworms stay within our intestines. After attaining adulthood, they travel through the digestive tract and reach the anal region, where they deposit their eggs. The migration of the adult pinworms from the intestine to the anal area mostly occurs during the night time.

In most cases, no symptoms get manifested by pinworm infection. Rarely, minor digestive problems are seen. But, if attacked by a cluster of worms that comes to more than one hundred in number, more severe complications are likely.

However, there is absolutely no need to panic as effective medications are available for tackling this menace. It should be kept in mind that maintaining good hygiene is the most important precautionary method to prevent pinworm infection.

Pinworm infections are caused by the transmission of pinworm into our body by the ingestion of its microscopic eggs through contaminated food, drink or hands. Severe itching around the anal area is the major symptom of this infection. Insomnia and irritability are yet other commonly found symptoms. Itching mainly occurs as the female pinworm starts laying its eggs.

As a person scratches the region, eggs get attached to the fingers from where it is transferred to other parts for initiating a fresh infection there. The eggs will remain alive for a maximum period of three weeks in such a new environment. If the eggs happen to be swallowed through food by the same person, then re-infection is likely. Pinworm infection is found to be more common in children.


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