What causes sweaty palms

The condition of sweaty palms is medically termed as palmar hyperhidrosis. We do not know why exactly the sweat glands present in the hands produce unnecessary sweat in some people. Though a precise explanation is not yet provided for this disorder, experts believe that sweaty palms are the result of a hyperactive sympathetic nervous system.

Sweating is actually, the body’s mechanism to regulate its temperature. Millions of sweat glands take part in this process. More than half of these preparatory glands are found in the hands.

The hands of people, who suffer from palmar hyperhidrosis, sweat heavily even when the bodies are not trying to regulate its temperature. Such a condition will make the person lose his confidence level and will result in increased discomfort.

Though it is true that psychological factors contribute to this disorder, they are not the only reason for sweaty palms. However, in a stressful situation, such people will find their hands all the more sweated. Sweaty palms are generally related to irregularities in the sympathetic nervous system. The functions of this system include releasing adrenaline, increasing heart rate, constricting blood vessels and sweating. Discrepancies in the functioning of the nervous system results in inappropriate timing of certain reflex actions such as sweaty palms.
Scientists confer that neurological malfunction makes the sweat glands present in the palms work in an inappropriate manner and produce increased sweat.

Almost a decade back, no sort of medication was available to treat sweaty palms. Though various treatments are obtainable today, majority of the cases remain uncured and such people are forced to live with sweaty hands through out their lives. Despite the fact that the root cause behind the disorder remains unclear, various medications are being introduced in order to help those suffering from this problem. The chemical treatments done on such people are found to be effective in some cases. In such people, normalcy is gained and after the completion of the medication course, they get their palms wet only when under increased stress.


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