What causes tooth decay in kids

Tooth decay relates to the destruction of the enamel of the tooth, which serves as its protective covering. Dentists describe tooth decay as dental cavities or dental caries. Tooth decay is generally the after effect of bacterial invasion. These harmful bacteria throve on the plaque, the sticky while film like substance that gets accumulated on the tooth surface.

The starch and sugar in the person’s food serve as breeding ground of these bacteria. The acid created by these bacteria leads to the complete destruction of the tooth enamel.
Studies indicate that tooth decay is an extremely common health menace, second only to common cold in frequency of occurrence.

Al of us is likely to develop tooth cavities. But, people who expose their teeth to more sweets and pay less attention to clean it are at increased risk. The use of un-fluoridated water also makes a person’s teeth more prone to decay.

Tooth decay is more common among smaller babies. If a baby is provided with a bottle of some or other sweet liquid such as juice or milk before going to bed, it is extremely important to ensure that his teeth are properly brushed before putting him to sleep. Likewise, ensure that the kid cleanses his mouth if his pacifier is soaked in sweeteners such as sugar or honey.

If not properly cleaned, bacteria are likely to develop on the baby’s teeth and will ultimately lead to its destruction.

Decay will slowly penetrate deep into the center of the tooth, the pulp. In that case, the inner tooth gets inflamed and severe ache is certain.

The signs of tooth decay are generally painful. A hurting tooth is normally on its way to decay. If you happen to notice one or other of your teeth to be sensitive to extreme cold or heat, it is advisable to consult your dentist as the tooth being decayed. Regular tooth checkups effectively help in ruling out the possibility of dental decay.


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