What diet to follow to cure acne?

Acne is caused mainly due to intake of unhygienic food. Food that we eat on roadside is highly unhygienic and oily. It is kept open and is exposed to dirt and dust all the time. Even bees and germs are wandering over it all the time. The food not only makes you prone to acne but also carry a risk to spoil your digestive system.

To reduce the growth of acne on your skin make sure you stay away from oily food. Oily and fried food increase the amount of oil in your body and your skin releases it through pores and due to presence of this oil on your skin various dust particles cling over it and make a place for gems to breed and grow. These bacteria then grow and develop in to a pimple on your skin.

You must avoid junk and oily food and include health food in its place. Incorporating vegetables and fruits in your diet will help you to get essential nutrients and vitamins. Also they will help to clean your digestive system and make your body strong internally and glow externally. Taking healthy diet will keep you away from various diseases and keep you fit and fine.

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