What is alcoholism

Alcoholism’ is a term that is often defined in conflicting ways. The argument lies in determining the effects of alcohol intake. Generally, alcoholism refers to any condition that is characterized by the prolonged consumption of alcoholic beverages. Here, the intake of alcohol takes place with no regard to one’s health and other social factors.

Alcoholism is medically defined as an addictive disease that leads to the persistent use of alcohol despite its negative consequences. Alcoholism, get categorized as a mode of lifestyle, depending on factors such as quantity, frequency and regularity of alcohol consumption.  The effect of these factors varies from one person to another. Social environment, stress, emotional health and genetic predisposition are yet other determining factors that result in this irregularity.

Alcoholism is a growing threat in many countries and its impact on the younger generation is a major cause for concern as well. Alcohol addiction is a dangerous habit that leads to severe mental and physical problems. Uncontrolled alcohol consumption, if continued for a relatively longer period of time result in the development of withdrawal tendencies in an individual. It makes him or her highly dependable on others and also damages the physical and mental well-being of the person.

Unrestrained alcohol intake make a person addicted to it and intensified treatment methods will be required to free him from its clutches. The most challenging part of the treatment against alcoholism is to bring the person back to his normal mindset.

Modes of medication such as detoxification, supportive therapies, cultivation of self-help and different other coping mechanisms help in retrieving balance to his derailed mental state. Alcohol rehabilitation programs, alcohol detoxification campaigns etc are found to be effective in saving addicts from alcoholism.

Besides such psychological approach and medication, it should also be ensured that the person under treatment is provided ample mental support. Throughout the stressful medication sessions, it is highly advisable for the patient to be exposed to love and care from the part of his well-wishers and family members.


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