What is an anti-ageing diet

A “magic bullet” that slows down ageing process is indeed a beautiful dream cherished by all of us.  That is exactly why almost all the ‘anti-ageing products’ are held in high demand. Signs of aging that we dislike the most include wrinkles and memory loss. Brain and coronary irregularities and osteoporosis are also age-related troubles. Along with quality anti-ageing products, we should also bring in healthy alterations in our diet in order to tackle the menace effectively.

Undoubtedly, old age demands the increased consumption of fresh fruits, green vegetables and such other food materials that are rich in antioxidants and other age-deterring compounds. You need to avoid tobacco completely. Adequate rest and regularised exercise regimen are your other effective weapons against old age.

Recent dermatological studies in this regard classify foodstuffs into three divisions, namely, pro-inflammatory, neutral, or anti-inflammatory. Aging process gets slowed down at the cellular level itself by opting those food materials that are anti-inflammatory and high in antioxidants. Studies show that consuming such food materials like cold-water fish and brightly coloured fruits and vegetables that are rich in anti-inflammatory ingredients can effectively bring down the various age-related alterations that happen in our body. These food materials are found to be rich in a variety of other helpful compounds as well.

Pro-inflammatory food materials such as saturated or trans fatty acids, sugars, and starches are likely to speed up the aging process. Neutral food materials are those that have neither positive nor negative impacts on ageing. Apart from dietary contributions; hormones, ultraviolet light radiation, stress and a low immunity level are also found to increase the pace of ageing.

However, making wise and ideal lifestyle changes are essential to bring age-related matters under your control. A healthy diet is one of the best things that you can do to your body to safeguard it from diseases. Eat right to feel young.

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