What is bladder infection

It is through the urinary tract that the body removes its liquid wastes. It is referred to as body’s filtering system. Women are found to be more prone to bacterial infection within the urinary tract.Although most urinary tract infections are not serious, they cause extreme pain to the affected person.

It is estimated that fifty percent of women suffer from urinary tract infection in their lifetime. Antibiotic medication provides immediate relief and the symptoms are found to disappear quickly with proper treatment. However, certain women are more prone to repeated infections and they fight urinary tract infections as a frustrating battle that lasts for long.

The most common cause of the infection is the transportation of the infectious bacteria from the bowel. Normally, the microbes dwell on the skin surface near the rectum or in the vagina. They enter the urinary tract thorough the urethra and lead to infection. After making the entry, the infectious organisms slowly travel upwards causing urinary bladder infection. Sometimes, infection in other parts of the urinary tract is also resulted.

Sexual intercourse is yet another common reason for increased urinary tract infections.  Anatomically, women are more vulnerable to be infected during the intercourse.

During the process of intercourse, the bacteria present in the vaginal area automatically get pushed into the urethra. Women who are exposed to frequent sexual intercourse are found to be under increased threat of this disorder.

Another cause of bladder infections is waiting too long to pass out the collected urine. The muscles within the bladder will be then forced to get stretched continuously for a longer period.

As the bladder becomes weakened, it may not empty completely and this will result in some urine to be left in the bladder. This increases the risk of bladder infection.

Other factors that are likely to increase a woman’s risk of developing bladder infection include pregnancy and diabetes. Severe pain while passing urine is found to be the major symptom of this disorder.


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