What is cystic fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis is an inherited disease that involves the mucus and sweat glands. It is a fatal disease that commonly affects the lungs, intestines, sinuses, pancreas, liver and sex organs. Normally, mucus is watery in constitution.

The major function of mucus is to keep the inner linings of certain organs moist. This moisture prevents the concerned body parts from getting dried and infected.

But in people who are affected with Cystic fibrosis, some abnormality in the gene makes the mucus thick and sticky. The thick mucus inhibits the free passage of the air through the respiratory tract.

As the different airways get blocked, lung infections are likely since the respiratory tracts serves as a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Gradually, these infections cause severe damage to the lungs and its efficiency gets hindered.The thick mucus also blocks the pancreatic duct.

This blockage prevents the digestive enzymes produced within the pancreas from reaching the small intestine. With out the presence of these enzymes, breaking down of the food materials that have reached the small intestine becomes extremely difficult. The result of this disorder is the inefficient absorption of the vital proteins and beneficial fats.

This makes the nutrients leave the body unabsorbed and the person becomes malnourished. Intestinal gas is characterized by swollen belly and general pain or discomfort. The affected person falls deficient in many vital nutrients such as vitamin A, D, E, and K .

Another after effect of this gene abnormality is extremely salty sweat. Large amounts of salt get expired from your body as you sweat. The mineral balance of blood gets upset by this phenomenon. The imbalance can also lead to result in heat emergency.

Another major problem caused by cystic fibrosis is that it leads to infertility in men. However, the manifested symptoms of cystic fibrosis vary from one individual to another. Respiratory failure is the most common feature found in all Cystic fibrosis patients.


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