What Is Delayed Puberty

Puberty is that stage when your body transforms itself to that of an adult. As puberty sets in, a series of changes occur in the body. In girls, the onset of puberty is characterised by developed breasts and growth in pubic hair. A girl gets her periods after she attains puberty. There will be slight changes on all body parts. In boys, puberty makes their facial and pubic hair strands to grow. Their shoulders will widen and body will become muscular.

The changes associated with puberty are caused by sex hormones. As they reach the teenage years, boys produce more testosterone and girls produce more oestrogen. Boys usually attain puberty between nine and fifteen years, whereas girls attain puberty between seven and thirteen years.

In certain cases, people pass these age groups with their body showing no puberty-related symptoms. Such a situation is generally termed as delayed puberty. Delayed puberty may be resulted from various reasons. A constitutional delay is likely if other family members also experienced a similar problem .

Health reasons can also result in delayed puberty. Diabetes, cystic fibrosis, kidney disease, or even asthma can make it difficult for the body to attain puberty. A malnourished body also suffers from delayed puberty. Girls who are engaged in sports and such other physical activities might be late in attaining puberty. In such cases, fat accumulation does not happen inside their bodies. For a girl to attain physical maturity, a certain amount of fatty content is required.

An irregularity in the functioning of pituitary or thyroid glands can also result in delayed puberty. Chromosomal disorders also prevent a person from attaining puberty in the right time. Turner syndrome is an example for such a condition. If in case, you fear that you are not physically developing according to your age, it is better to seek medical aid. A paediatric endocrinologist is the specialist who will help you in overcoming the problem.

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