What is diabetic diet

Diet has got a very significant role in controlling diabetes. Diabetic sufferers should be reminded that the increased intake of protein and fat is not good for their health since the body will get it converted into glucose. The increased glucose level leads to undesirable impact on their body. Some people consider diabetic diet as their sole mode of treatment.

However, majority of diabetic patients stick to the diet in combination with insulin doses. Diabetic diet helps in maintaining the optimum body mass. It provides adequate nutrition and also regulates the level of blood sugar level in the body. It is based on a person’s weight, height, sex, age and the nature of ailment that diabetic diets get prescribed.

Dieticians also take into account cholesterol and blood pressure levels of the concerned individual before making him follow the regularized diet. Diabetic diet involves the proper scheming of the intake of various food factors such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, dietary fiber and so on. However, it should be kept in mind that there is no such common diabetic diet plan.

Based on the body type and health condition of each diabetic patient, the prescribed plan will vary. Neither will a particular plan be effective for an individual through out his life. Based on the bodily changes that occur to his weight, blood sugar level, cholesterol level and pressure level, this diet plan will vary.

In order to control the blood sugar level, the consumption of simple carbohydrate needs to be limited. In most cases, the intake of three main meals gets altered to the consumption of four or five smaller meals. It is advisable for diabetic patients to discard bakery snacks and oil-fried fast foods.

Such victuals should give way to simpler whole cooked cereals. Moreover, it is good for diabetic patients to avoid the intake of meals rich in carbohydrates two hours before bedtime. The consumption of green vegetables and fresh fruits should be increased considerably.

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