What is DNA Diet

Nutrigenomics is a relatively new and controversial field of study. Nutritional genomics explores the interaction between your diet and your genetic pattern. This branch is also termed as “DNA diet” approach. Those who stand in favour of this believe that in the near future, our DNA and its genomic variants will be analysed in order to develop specific nutritional guidelines. Since the nutritional requirements of each individual vary, a unique health guideline of ultimate precision will be given to all. In such a case, we do not have to follow diets based on generalised conclusions. Instead, your diet plan will be one that is specifically tailored to suit your very own gene profile.

Your DNA examination will present a clear picture regarding the state of your health, which even you yourself might not be aware of. As your genetic code get examined, it will be easier to take precautionary medication against that particular disorder to which your body is likely to be vulnerable.  Very soon, new ‘nutritional genomics health products’ are sure to find place in the shelves of drug stores.

It has been proved beyond doubt that most of the common diseases such as diabetes, coronary irregularities, many kinds of cancers, obesity and certain mental disorders are based on interactions between multiple environmental and genetic factors. It is in this context that scientists place much hope on nutrigenomics.  Presently an obese person, who wants to alter his food pattern, has to cut down all his fatty favourites and soft drinks and also has to follow a strict exercise regimen. But unfortunately, in most cases all such attempts turn out to be futile and the person remains bulky. Nutrigenomics helps such a person to understand the very root cause of his problem and helps in evolving an adequate diet plan suiting his specific purpose, which will surely be more beneficial.

Along with their appetite, imagine your family members bringing their genetic profile as well to your dining tables. There will no longer be generalised family nutritional pattern; instead each person will eat according to a precise and individualized healthy-living plan.

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