What is emergency contraception

Emergency contraception is medically termed as “Post-coital” contraception. It refers to those preventive measures that are taken after sex in order to avoid the possibility of a resultant pregnancy. In most cases, couples who have been exposed to unprotected, probably fertile intercourse take to emergency contraceptive measures.

It is also found to be helpful if the couple encountered with some problem with the contraceptive method that they used while having sex such as a leak or burst of a condom.

It has been found many a woman have been saved from the risk of having unplanned and unwanted pregnancy by taking emergency contraception methods. Many women remain ignorant of the fact that pregnancy can be avoided even after having sex.

owever, the risk factor involved in the usage of contraceptive methods, largely depend on the time during which the intercourse took place during the menstrual cycle.

Emergency contraceptive pills are sometimes also referred to as “morning-after pill”. These are drugs that help in preventing the ovulation process. When ovulation is ceased, the eggs are checked from being fertilized.

Thus, the post-fertilization implantation of the embryo does not happen and pregnancy is effectively prevented. Intrauterine devices are also used for emergency contraception methods, though they are basically meant to function as primary contraception tools.

However, certain side effects are found to be common among women, who often expose themselves to the use of emergency contraceptives. These include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headaches, breast tenderness and fluid retention. Irregular spotting between periods are also found in certain women as an after effect of using emergency contraceptives. However, these side effects get subsided with in a couple of days.

If they persist for a longer period, it is advisable to seek medical aid. Though, emergency contraceptive pills do not affect the future fertility potential of a woman, they do not provide any sort of protection form sexually transmitted diseases.

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