What is fetishism

Fetishism is a disorder that is characterized by persistent and intensified sexual urges. The aroused sexual fantasies will generally be centred on non-human objects, or children or some other non-consenting persons. Any object for that matter may become a fetish. It is when the connection between the particular object and sex is made that it paves way for sexual gratification.

Some people, even when engaged in normal sexual activity, will require the presence of such stimuli objects for erotic arousal. For some others, fetish objects are required only while under stress, and at other times, they are able to function normally without any fetish or related stimuli.

In the case of a person affected by fetishism, his mind has made some sort of a connection between the stimulating object and sexual pleasure. He spends hours thinking about the object. However, fetish is not necessarily an object; it can be a memory, a body part or even an image. Body fetishes may involve breasts, legs, buttocks, or genitals. Other common fetishes include clothing items or even stuffed animals.

The root cause of fetishism may be adolescent curiosity or even a random association between the particular object and sexual feelings. A random association may be one with an innocent cause, but is appreciated soon for its sexual connection.

The initial symptom of this disorder is associated with the sense of touch. Slowly, the period of time spent by pondering over the fetish increases. Gradually, the person finds his mind relating to the object for no apparent reason. The importance given for fetish increases in his mind. Slowly, it becomes a necessity for sexual gratification.

Most people affected with fetishism refuse to seek treatment from professionals. For the same reason, it is difficult to get rid of the disorder. Treatment is nearly impossible as the affected person is not willing to eliminate it. However, the treatment includes gender-appropriate guidance in culturally suitable circumstances.

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