What is heart-healthy lifestyle

Age, gender, and family history are risk factors for coronary heart disease which could not be helped. But healthy alterations made in lifestyle will effectively bring down the chances of heart ailments. Systematic exercise regimen, healthy diet and no smoking will contribute positively towards coronary well being. Lesser intake of harmful fat and sodium is sure to make your heart function effectively for long.

The diet that you take in should be just enough to achieve the required amount of calories that is essential to maintain a healthy weight. A diet expert will help in you in understanding the reasonable calorie level for you.

Smoking makes a person extremely prone to the risk of developing heart ailments. The fact is that when it comes to heart disease prevention, no amount of smoking is found to be safe. The use of smokeless tobacco is also risky as then there is the chance of exposure to secondhand smoke.

The presence of nearly five thousand harmful chemicals in tobacco cause severe damage to the heart and coronary blood vessels. It makes the arteries more vulnerable to atherosclerosis, caused by the increased narrowing of the blood vessels. Atherosclerosis ultimately leads to heart attack.

It is not just the nicotine content which makes cigarette smoking injurious to health. Narrowed arteries force the heart to work harder and thereby increase the rate of heartbeat and blood pressure. The replacement of life-giving oxygen present in the blood by the poisonous carbon monoxide present in cigarette smoke makes the heart pump more blood to meet the body’s requirement of oxygen.

Women who smoke and also use birth control pills as their mode of contraception are found to be at a greater risk of developing heart attacks and strokes. Regular participation in moderately vigorous physical activities done according to expert advise also helps in minimizing the risk of developing fatal heart problems.


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