What is Reiki massage

The word “Reiki” means “Universal Life Force Energy.” Through Reiki healing, the spiritual energy is used to heal a person’s aura. It is thus a natural holistic therapy. The practice of Reiki is believed to provide relief from pain. It is also said to boost the immune system. Reiki therapy has its roots in the theory that physical manifestations of pain are always linked to emotional, spiritual and mental states. Here, the treatment goes to a deeper level than merely getting rid of symptoms. This is because, Reiki practitioners believe that by treating the symptoms we cannot completely cure the illness.

Reiki treatment is practised by placing the practitioner’s hand upon the person to be healed with the truest intent for healing to occur. Then, he or she becomes a channel of energy flow and the heeling energy from the universe starts flowing through their hands into the infected body. The body is actually healing itself. The distinction of Reiki from other similar healing techniques is that here the trained practitioners hands can channel the energy to his own body as well. However, intense training is required to master the art of energy channelling.

The pace of energy flow from the practitioner’s palms to the recipient’s affected part will be based on certain factors such as severity of illness, degree of energy blockage etc. It is also termed as “intelligent energy” as it has the power to decide which body part needs to be cured and flows accordingly.

Reiki is different from massage therapy. However, expert massage therapists who are trained in Reiki treatment as well, often combine both the forms in order to promote both physical and spiritual well-being of the patient. Through this method, the enhancement of the patient’s quality of living and the effective control of pain is achieved. Unlike the normal massage therapists, licensed Reiki practitioners do not knead the body parts of the patient. Here, their hands remain still at a height of, roughly, two inches above the clothed patient.

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