What is the sexual impact of circumcision

Circumcision, technically, refers to the surgical removal of the skin that normally covers and protects the penis head. All normal male children are born with their tip of the penis well protected with the skin extending from the pubis to the tip of the penis.

The inner lining of the prepuce is composed of mucous membrane and its function is to maintain the surface of the penis head extremely soft, moist, and sensitive. The racial communities, which strictly stick to circumcision, consider this foreskin as an optional part that can be removed.

However, this foreskin is considered to play a vital role in procreation, though its role is not that important in urination process. The foreskin is after all an extremely delicate and specialized tissue that is abundantly supplied with blood vessels, highly innervated, and uniquely showered with stretch receptors. Penile changes are certain as a consequence of circumcision.

For procreation to occur, the normally flaccid penis has to become erect. As the penis elongates itself from its normal flaccid position, double fold of this foreskin provides necessary support. Foreskin also contributes considerably to the sexual response of the intact male.

Stretching of the foreskin on the tip of the penis activates the nerve endings and the sexual pleasure is stimulated. However, the penile changes that occur as an after effect of circumcision greatly varies based the manner of removal and age at which the circumcision has been performed.

The inherent risks involved in circumcision also cannot go unsaid. Surgical complications are also likely. Apart from infection, haemorrhage and surgical damage are yet other fatal consequences. Rarely, if done by inexpert hands, bleeding leads to death as well.

Extensive scarring, skin bridging; penis deformities such as curvature are also likely as part of the surgery. The removal of the skin composed of mucus lining adversely affects lubrication during sexual intercourse and the resultant friction makes sex painful.

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