When to resume sex after delivery

Wondering when to make love after delivery? Pregnancy and the resultant delivery might have probably placed you back in square one. You will be faced with many apprehensions and worries similar to the ones that you encountered during your first night. For some couples, it is a matter that requires doctor’s consent.  For some others, even the idea of consulting with the doctor might be absurd since they consider it as a third-party interference. They find it better to start their sex lives well in advance so that doubts, if any, can be clarified during post-natal check up.

Most couples resume their sex life during the second or third month of delivery. A sizeable minority is patient enough even to wait for six to eight months. However, there is no set ‘norm’ regarding this. If both the partners are comfortable with the idea, you can restart your sex life whenever you feel like. But, mostly, new mothers feel uninterested in sex due to a variety of reasons such as episiotomies and stitches. The resultant soreness and sometimes pain caused by these bruises might make sex difficult. It is always better to give ample time for all the wounds to heal completely. When the stitches get absolutely dissolved, you will be able to enjoy your sex life better.

Tiredness is yet another trouble that comes in between you and a happy sex life. Looking after the baby, through out the day is, by no doubt, an exhausting experience and as a result, at the end of the day, what you die for is nothing but a sound sleep. You simply cannot blame women for not feeling sexy at the end of a hectic baby-sitting day. In such instances, husbands should be extremely compassionate, as only love and understanding will help you in tackling such situations effectively. Wives should also ensure that their husbands do not feel rejected when sex is denied. Efficient communication between the couples is extremely important in solving the problem.

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