Why and how of Blackheads

Despite being common, we often wonder what actually blackheads are. Even less is our knowledge regarding how to tackle them. Taking good and continuous care of our skin is the only way to prevent this menace. The root cause of blackheads is the over secretion of oil by sebaceous glands. Due to its excess secretion, the pores of the skin get thickened. The oil that gets collected in the pores, hardened to form a plug. The open pores let the clogged grease to come into contact with air. As a result of oxidation, it turns black and form black heads. That is why keeping the skin thoroughly clean is stated as the most effective way to prevent blackheads. Though usually associated with teenage, blackheads may be found on people belonging to all age groups, including infants.

People with oily skin are more prone to blackheads as their skin has a tendency to attract dirt and oil from the air around them. The over secretion of oil worsens the situation. Blackheads sometimes result in the formation of acnes and pimples. This is because oil glands get infected with bacteria when the pores get completely clogged.

Also called open comedones, blackheads are thus a combination of sebum, oil and cellular fragments. In their initial stages, blackheads can be effectively self-treated. Creams with benzoyl peroxide when applied on the skin will help to check blackheads to a good extent. Other than creams, ointments and pills are also available in the market. However it should be noted that rather than purging the present blackheads, most of the skin ointments work by eliminating the next set of blackheads from appearing on the skin surface. This means you should be patient enough to let the applied medicine act on your skin. Though you have every reason to get irritated even by the mere sight of blackheads, tie your hands up when you feel to tamper them. Extraction of blackheads is something that should be left to experienced professionals.

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