Why are Vitamins Good for you?

Vitamin benefits are many but not with all brands and types of vitamins. The main reason vitamin benefits are so crucial is mainly because in the past fifty years there has become an epidemic of vitamin deficient foods.

And everyone among us have started thinking why are vitamins good for you

Today’s food no longer contains the vitamins and other nutrients that are required for good long-term health.

Years ago vitamins and other nutrients were replenished in the soil and transferred to into the plants, but since farming techniques have changed drastically, so has the vitamin and nutrient content of the crops and the answer for why are vitamins good for you have been cleared.

. To compound the problem of the lack of vitamin benefits in food due to modern-day farming techniques, is the fact that vitamins and other nutrients are lost when storing, drying, freezing, and processing your food.

Only in recent years, and with a lot of resistance, has the conservative medical community has finally admitted that the vitamin benefits through vitamin supplementation is necessary for long-term health.

Vitamins in different diseases

Asthma: Asthma is characterized by chronic airway inflammation. The generation of oxygen free radicals by activated inflammatory cells produces many of the pathophysiologic changes associated with asthma and may contribute to its pathogenesis. Therefore, antioxidant nutrients may play a role in the prevention and treatment of asthma. Vitamin C is the major antioxidant present in the surface of the lung, suggesting a protective antioxidant role. A number of studies support the use of vitamin C in allergy and asthma.

Dementias: Recent research evidence indicates that the combined use of high doses of vitamin C and vitamin E helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease as well as have beneficial effects for Parkinson’s disease.

Eye diseases: Vitamin E is needed for the development of the retina and protects against cataracts and macular degeneration. Beta Carotene also supports general eye health. Indeed, without proper vitamin A levels, you begin to develop greater night blindness. Using a liquid multivitamin is a convenient source through which you can easily obtain all of these and more. Buy Vitamin E Supplements here

Immunity: Vitamin C has been found to benefit the human immune response, with increased antimicrobial and natural killer cell activities, lymphocyte proliferation, chemotaxis, and delayed dermal sensitivity. Studies have involved pharmacologic doses of vitamin C (200 mg/day to 6 grams/day in addition to dietary intake); therefore, the effect does not appear to apply to nutritional intake of vitamin C from food alone – in other words you must supplement to achieve these doses. There has been much interest in the use of pharmacologic doses of vitamin C to prevent or treat the common cold, as well as bolster a number other functions in the body, and many studies have reported beneficial results. Treatment of the common cold with vitamin C is associated with reduced duration of cold symptoms. Buy Vitamin C Supplements here

Endocrine diseases: Chromium is an essential trace mineral that also assists the body in maintaining normal blood sugar levels. Chromium is an especially important nutrient for people who have type 2 Diabetes or are at risk for it. Insulin usually helps lower blood sugar levels, but if you have type2 Diabetes, your insulin is less effective. In fact, some cases of type 2 diabetes are actually triggered by a chromium deficiency.

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